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T17: From Perception to Ultimate Use: Understanding and Driving Technology Acceptance

Note: Cancelled by the presenter
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Prof. Andrina Granić (short bio)

University of Split, Croatia



This tutorial introduces the field of acceptance and adoption of innovations and new technologies, addressing challenges and aiming to explain the relationship among users' perceptions, attitudes, and the ultimate utilization of technology. Various theoretical perspectives are briefly presented, all converging towards a common research goal: understanding the factors influencing user acceptance and explaining why certain innovations are well-received and adopted. The tutorial also presents actionable principles with significant potential to yield benefits when conducting individual studies in the field of technology acceptance and adoption. These principles will aid participants in customizing a vast body of knowledge to their specific objectives and application-oriented studies within a particular context.


Content and Benefits:

  • Reviews the background and brief history of technology acceptance, focusing on advances in technology adoption at the individual level.
  • Provides a chronological account of the era, coupled with an overview of the interrelationships among the most influential theories and models in the field.
  • Explores exemplary integrated (hybrid) approaches developed to enhance the explanatory power of individual perspectives.
  • Offers insights into extensive applications of different theories and models in various domains such as education, business, social media, healthcare, workplace, etc.
  • Sheds light on the factors and determinants of behavioural intention that shape users' perceptions and decisions regarding the ultimate use of technology.
  • Enriches participants' understanding of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as a credible practical tool for evaluating user acceptance across diverse technological deployments.
  • Offers a clear vision of the TAM universe and the widespread interest among researchers exploring its various versions (referred to as TAM++) in different contexts and applications.
  • Equips participants with concrete, actionable principles to handle their own studies, considering the unique objectives and distinctive attributes of technologies and specific domains.


Target Audience:

The tutorial aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and all interested participants, introducing them to the field of innovation and new technology acceptance. It also provides them with a methodical approach for conducting their own studies within the realm of technology adoption.


Additional platform or tool(s) to be used by the tutor:

  • Tool for real-time collaboration and communication (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Zoom)


List of materials or devices required by the participants:

  • BYOD (laptops, tablets)
  • Tool for real-time collaboration and communication (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Zoom)
  • Internet access

Bio Sketch of Presenter:

Andrina Granić is a professor at the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science at the University of Split, Croatia. She received degrees in Computer Science from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Her research focus is on interaction design, user experience, technology acceptance and adoption, as well as technology-enhanced learning. She has authored over 150 peer-reviewed papers and is actively engaged, either as a coordinator or partner, in various national and international projects. She serves as the Croatian representative for the IFIP Technical Committee on Human-Computer Interaction and holds membership in the IEEE Computer Society.

A part of the Tutorial content is drawn from Andrina’s recent co-authored book “The Technology Acceptance Model - 30 Years of TAM” (Springer, 2024).